Maria Reason




I have the below error appearing, would anyone know how to resolve please?

The contact preference type and code is not valid for this learner start date - Rule, ContPrefType_03



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R01 or R13?

R01 shouldn't have contact prefs in for new starters, they've taken them out of the ILR for 22/23.

Maria Reason

Hi Steve

Yes they are P1 222/23 enrollments......    :(

Maria Reason

Seems to have cleared now :) Thank you 

Livia Bushgjokaj

I have the same issue with R01 - mine hasnt cleared , any advise please?


Hi Livia

Are they new starters? If so, they *mustn't* have the contact pref details. If you're using Learner Entry Tool it won't stop you adding them!

Livia Bushgjokaj

Yes , they are new starts. 

I have removed the contact pref details for each learners and all good. 

Thanks Steve :-)