Steve Bowler

Subcontracting threshold



             I’m hoping somebody can clarify something for me please. In the subcontracting guidance, it mentions a threshold based on the number of learners in the ILR data. It says it’s 25% of the learners for each funding stream, however is this new learners only or does it include carry-in learners?

For example, if we have subcontract learners that started in June/July 2022 and they also have OPPs/Achievement funding in 22/23, do they count towards the threshold due to them having funding in 22/23, or are they excluded as they started in 21/22?




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Kelly Knights

This is a great question and one I’d like to know the answer to. I did assume it was new starts.

One for the Helpdesk I think.


Steve Bowler

If it helps anybody else, I've just had a response from the helpdesk:

"We've gone back and asked the question to the subcontracting team, and they have confirmed that it includes all learners, carry in or not."