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LRS Exam Results - Status Update


Good afternoon all

I just thought I would provide a brief update on the status of exam results being uploaded to LRS by Awarding Organisations following results day this Thursday.

So far we've seen a good number of General Qualification results (including A/AS-Levels) stream in from several AOs, and while the A/AS-Level results seem to be landing a little slower than previous years, we've seen a really positive improvement in GCSEs with over 2.6 million results loaded to LRS already (as of 1:30pm Friday 26th August).

Typically we expect to see around 4.7 million GCSE results loaded to LRS each year, so there is still a way to go, but we're monitoring progress carefully and can see AOs are working through their results, regularly submitting their data to LRS in batches.

We've also scaled the LRS infrastructure up during this time to ensure that we can the cope the large volumes of results being submitted. At our peak last week, we had one AO submit over 500k A-Level results within in a 3 minute window, and all of these were processed by LRS - and available to view on the PLR - within 30 minutes. With this level of performance, the vast majority of results should be available to you well within 30 minutes of being submitted to LRS by an AO.

I hope to post another update early next week with even better news, but in the meantime the LRS team will continue to monitor the uploads, and work with AOs where we can to keep the results coming in as quickly as possible.

I hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

Greg Fowler - LRS Service Owner


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Ruth Canham-James

Thank you! We've been downloading today, seeing more come in all the time. This data being available early is so important, and saves us lots of manual collection work, so we really appreciate this.


Excellent news Greg! Thanks to you and all the team working on this.

Greg (ESFA) (ESFA)

Hello everyone

Quick update - as of this morning (Tuesday 30th August) we have now received just over 4.6 million GCSE results, and approximately 785k A/AS-level results.

It looks like the AOs finished their uploads by Saturday morning and these volumes match up with previous years, so it looks like we received all of the GQ results we would expect for this period within approximately 48 hours of the results being released to learners!

As always, if there are any GCSE results missing for learners that you believe should be in LRS (i.e. the learner already has a ULN and attended a state-funded school), then their AO would always be the best first point of contact to investigate (we can't investigate or process personal data that we don't already hold). However, please do keep us informed if you find out why results may be missing so that we can work with all AOs to ensure similar issues don't happen again in the future.


Greg Fowler - LRS Service Owner