Yvonne Quinn

Validation Error LSDPostcode_04


Hi all

Does anyone know why I am getting the above error in R01 for a learner who began learning in July and is continuing into August.  This error didn't trigger when the learner first started.

We are based in Gloucester which borders Wales, we have had NP postcode in the past and they don't usually trigger as an error, but show up on our PDSAT.

Thanks in advance


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Surely they haven't (accidentally?) taken the Welsh postcodes off the big list???

I'm assuming all your GL learners are fine? And it is showing the NP postcode against the error (ie you haven't just got a blank in the learner's ILR for some weird reason?)?

Yvonne Quinn

Hi Steve

Yes the NP postcode is definitely there.  I have checked in the survey.

Maybe they have taken them off the list.  We do have an apprentice with an NP postcode who is fine, but it doesn't look like the rule looks at FM36


No, it's not an FM 36 requirement.

I'm now vaaaaggguely remembering this happening at the start of a year before? Definitely worth an email to the Service Desk I think (and don't forget you can use ZZ99 9ZZ to get the learner through R01 ;))?


There are definitely NP postcodes on the big spreadsheets here:

Adult Education Budget (AEB) postcode files - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Yvonne Quinn

Thanks Steve

I have emailed the service desk to see why this is triggering.