Linnea Clarke

Functional Skills English - no learning required (apprentice)



We have an apprentice that does not require any teaching/learning for English FS due to holding a degree and being at a good standard to pass English FS without our teaching/learning. 

Do I need to add the FS English aim onto the ILR still? Do I export the aim to the ESFA? If so, what is the best way to do this, so that we do not draw down funding? (what do we do about start/planned end dates?)


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Effectively no, because we only need to add them to the ILR if we want money.

If it would make your record keeping easier, you could add them with same start and end date and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, set to Funding Model 99 rather than Funding Model 36.

Linnea Clarke

That is fab - thank you for your help.