Ruth Canham-James

T Level Transition Programme Aim Completion


What are we supposed to do with the programme aim (ZPROG) for T level Transitions? Nobody I ask seems to know. It's in the ILR, so needs a proper result. How is that established? Should it just mirror the ZTPR class code? If so, what's the point of the programme aim? Can it only be a pass if everything else was a pass? Where is the guidance?


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Martin West

The Programme aim completion is documented in the National technical outcomes on this page at:


Ruth Canham-James

Thank you, I wasn't aware of that document (this isn't my area, I'm asking on behalf of others). So basically, it's up to providers whether we record the Transition as achievement or not?! That seems bizarre.

60.Education providers are expected to ensure that a student’s progress in each
component is recorded to allow students to reflect on what they have learnt and to
assist the education providers’ monitoring, tracking and intervention practices. We
would also expect education providers to consider how students will be able to
demonstrate what they have achieved at the end of the T Level Transition
Programme. If they wish, education providers may award their own certificates for
achievement of the T Level Transition Programme and can decide what these
certificates include.
61.Education providers have discretion about how to determine successful
achievement of the T Level Transition Programme, as they do for other 16-19
study programmes. We are collecting evidence on how education providers are
currently doing this, and the approaches they are taking to record and certificate
achievement. We will take this evidence into account when reviewing our future
approach to achievement and certification for the Transition Programme.

It's not the same as a study programme, as there is no programme aim for those that goes in the ILR and the PLR.