Linnea Clarke

16-18 Traineeship - work placement hours and digital skills


Hello maybe someone could help me? Now that there is a maximum on work placement hours we are looking at our delivery model for traineeships.

Previously we would have the work experience hours run the whole duration of the programme but now because of the maximum amount on some of our longer durations of the programme 6-12 months the learners are not doing as many work experience hours per week.

Is it possible to just do the 240 hours work experience in the first 8 weeks in one chunk and then for the remainder of the duration carrying on with any FS, digital skills, employability learning etc? Providing of course we don’t go over the weekly maximum amount of hours for a trainee…

On a different note as well… digital skills. Does the Initial Assessment need to be specifically on digital skills (not ICT) and what qualification should the trainee do if they require further learning on this?


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Martin West

I would not advise that the work experience in the first 8 weeks as the learners should have had some work preparation training prior to this.

The assessment needs to be specifically based on digital skills.

You may find the following useful

Traineeships – essential characteristics for successful delivery for 16-18 year old learners - YouTube


Linnea Clarke

Thank you that is really helpful. I will take a look at the video shortly.

Can I check as well, when can school leavers enrol onto 16-18 traineeships? 

Martin West

44. A 16 to 18-year-old student is a student who is aged 16, 17 or 18 on 31 August
2022. Such students are normally eligible for ESFA young people’s funding, subject to the other regulations in this guidance.

Linnea Clarke

Thank you, so a school leaver who is 15 when they enrol in early August 2022, but then would be 16 by 31/08/2022 would be eligible for funds?