Jonathan Franks

Submit Learner Data: Slow R01 Processing (5 Sept)


Sent a file an hour a go, still processing. It usually comes back within a few minutes, just wondering whether anyone else is having the same issue or whether I should send a new file?


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Steve Bowler

Hi, I was just coming on here to post the same thing! Also been waiting over an hour, have submitted another file but that's stuck on 'processing' too...


Jonathan Franks

Thanks Steve, looks like it's 'wait and see'...

Steve Bowler

My 21/22 file has now processed, one of my 22/23 has failed and the other one is still processing from 11:16 :-(

Jonathan Franks

Thanks Steve, my file failed too so I'll resubmit, thanks for letting me know :)

Steve Bowler

Both of my 22/23 files have now failed, anybody else having this issue?

Jonathan Franks

No Steve, after you said, I sent a new file and that went through no problem. You had already sent your two files so maybe they were both caught up in the issue; I suspect if you send a third file now it will be OK...he says...

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi all,

 Please see post regarding this temporary issue: 

Further education and training providers community - Submit Learner Data - File Processing

Thank you,