Dan Hodgetts

DelLocPostCode=TN23 1BS|


How do you deal with this error if you know 100% that the employer's postcode (where the apprenticeship delivery is taking place) is correct!

 'Delivery location postcode' is wrong. You must enter a valid UK postcode. If the system isn't recognising your postcode because it's a new build, you can temporarily use ZZ99 9ZZ. Check 'delivery location postcode' is correct.


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Ben James

Nothing seems to appear on postcode checker on Royal Mail, which would explain why you're getting that error. Interestingly, street checker suggests that;

This postcode was terminated by the Royal Mail in June 2000

If you're certain this is a valid postcode I'd recommend logging an inquiry via this link - Report an incorrect or missing address | Royal Mail Group Ltd

On the off chance this is a building site, the ILR spec suggests;

Where the delivery point is a building site without a postcode the local provider's postcode should be used.

Martin West

TN23 1BS was discontinued by the post office, check for correct postcode.


Interesting that it still pops up on googlemaps attached to a business or two though... But yes, Royal Mail are the real arbiters in these cases.