Martyn Wright

22/23 Merging tool



I have been using the new merging tool for 22/23  and it has reported a post code (current and prior)  error but there is no mismatch. The fields have exactly the same value on both XML files I am merging. I wondered if it was the new merging tool causing this as I have been using the 21/22 merging tool without issues. Has anyone else had any issues?




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Martin West

You could check the ILR files to check with notepad if the postcodes are recorded correctly in the ILR.

<PostcodePrior>BR1 7SS</PostcodePrior>

<Postcode>BR1 7SS</Postcode>

This may establish if it is an issue with the 22/23 Merging tool, but it is currently not recorded as a known issue.