Jessica De Melo

FE Workforce Data - Desktop Application Template


Hi All,

Does anybody know when (if?) ESFA are updating this document? I can only find the 2020 to 2021 version online:



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David Dalby

I've been trying to ignore this, our HR Department don't see it as their problem, they think it's a "MI" problem to solve, but I don't have access to the staff data. Just sharing the pain of ESFA "reducing the data burden..."

Jessica De Melo

David Dalby Our HR dept. are based overseas and have no knowledge of ESFA systems... I feel your pain.

FYI this has been published on the Submit Learner Data website so currently unable to submit unless able to build an XML file with correct Scheme yourself!

Peter (ESFA)

Jessica De Melo the desktop application template has now been updated.