Linnea Clarke

EPA and Employment - employer unrelated to standard



We have a scenario where one of our apprentices is leaving her employer that she was undertaking the apprenticeship with, and moving to an employer similar sector, but not where she could complete the EPA (is an Equine Groom apprentice, going to work in a tack shop). 

The learner needs to complete her Maths FS and once done will be ready to enter gateway.

Sorry if this is a silly question, can she transfer her apprenticeship to the tack shop? She has completed her vocational Equine learning so just need the Maths FS and we can find another Equine Groom yard where she can undertake the EPA.



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Martin West

Any new employer would be required to enter into an Apprenticeship agreement with the Apprentice and employ them as an equine groom until they have completed the EPA they will also be required to use the Apprenticeship Service so that the apprenticeship can continue to be funded until completion.

An occupation in a similar centre would not enable this.