Linnea Clarke

Guidance on Reviews and Insufficient OTJ progress



I am just looking for some guidance on apprenticeships on the two topics below please if anyone can provide me with a bit more info?


We are struggling to get some of our learners and employers to engage with our LMS platform and to login and sign reviews. We are in a situation where we as the provider sign on the day the review happened, but then the learner and employer are signing the reviews months and months after the date happened? Is this going to be okay at audit? 

We are finding we are having scenarios where learners are withdrawing and we haven't even got signatures for multiple reviews throughout the apprenticeship. Can we use a review without learner and/or employer signatures on for the last day in learning? Or should we be withdrawing back further to when learning was confirmed by all parties as taking place?

Insufficient OTJ Progress

I know the 22/23 draft rules mentioned that if there was insufficient OTJ progress that the funds should be clawed back appropriately and then the ESFA didn't in the end keep this rule for the final version of apprenticeship funding rules, but where do we stand at audit if our learner has withdrawn past planned end date, was enrolled for 487 Planned OTJ hours, and only completed 197 hours? Surely this is going to raise some concerns? What can we do to help in these scenarios?

Any advice or guidance is appreciated, thank you.


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Martin West

I think you need to review how reviews and progress are recorded and documented to overcome these issues, for example can you prompt learner/employer and restrict access on any online systems where they have not complied with the requirements for signatures or evidence or learning activity?



These cannot be used to evidence the last day in learning as it is not a learning activity.

Learning actual end date

When learning towards the apprenticeship is complete. This can include off-the-job training and English and maths. There must be evidence of learning on this day.

P42 Off-the-job training must not include:

P42.4 Progress reviews or on-programme assessments.


Insufficient OTJ Progress

Funds are still at risk see:

P58 Funds will be at risk if you are not able to show, upon request, an up to date training plan (that meets the minimum requirements) and evidence to demonstrate current progress towards this plan.