Jackie Danks

Prior Learning funding Adjustment


If we have a learner that did a Diploma in 21/22 and then came back to do an Extended Diploma in 22/23 ,You would normally record e.g. 50% in the above field but should we add 20% on for the achievement.


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Ruth Canham-James

That would only be required if you're claiming AEB for the Extended Dip top up, which would be very unusual as they likely already have a full level 3 from the Diploma. Are you funding it under the Skills for Jobs Low Wage bit? I know a small handful of Diplomas don't have legal entitlements too, so may not have a prior full level 3. If AEB funded, I'd probably do a percentage based on credits/units achieved. With Pearson, a Diploma is basically two thirds of an Extended Diploma, so I'd claim 33%. It's different for other awarding bodies though.

If they're 16-18 funded, you don't need to reduce anything, you just report the planned hours you're delivering this year.

If they're self-financing or loan funded, we just charge the Ext Diploma price minus the Diploma price.