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Restart after withdrawal - advice please



 We have a situation I’m hoping somebody can give some advice with please. We have an Apprentice who enrolled in December 2020 and was then withdrawn in October 2021, she was struggling with her mental health and was originally just wanting to put her training on hold but then decided she didn’t want to continue.

Her health has improved and she has been back in touch with us saying that she would like to continue, she is still with the same employer and her record was never paused or stopped on the Apprenticeship Service. What do we need to do in this situation, as the current withdrawal date is in 21/22 am I able to change the status from withdrawn to a break in learning and then restart like we would do normally? Or do we need to keep that record as withdrawn and then fully enrol the learner like a new start and reduce the cost to take into account the funding we have already received?




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The latter. This isn't a Break, so you can't use that.

I'm almost certain (but happy to be corrected!) that you'll have to stop the old one on DAS and create a new cohort because the start date and price will be different and it will DLOCK if you don't.