Christine Gregory

ALS Funding


Hi all,

We have a learner who we have identified as needing additonal support - this wasn't indicated on the enrolment form, so what sort of paperwork would you use for it to be added to the ILR & what evidence do you keep throughout the apprenticeship where this is being delivered/claimed?

Thanks Christine


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Ben James

I'd recommend having a look at P342 of the Funding Rules in this regard. In short, you'll need;

  • Evidence of a documented assessment which identifies their difficult/disability and explains how completing the apprenticeship wouldn't be possible without help
  • A list of the proposed adjustments which must be necessary for the apprentice to complete their apprenticeship
  • A plan of delivery for said adjustments i.e., when they'll be delivered, by whom etc.
  • Evidence of monthly (not just every 12 weeks) progress reviews to review/revise the support, where necessary
  • Evidence that support was delivered e.g., invoices, receipts, confirmatory emails

We have a section on our internal Training Plan where much of this kind of information is recorded, as it's then easier to follow, though if you had separate forms for each part, there's nothing inherently wrong with that.