Richard Holmden

R1 Remittance Statement


Has anyone else received a remittance statement today that appears to be missing apprenticeship funding? We have our traineeship line showing and I have double checked our apprenticeship income is showing on the Apps Indicative and funding summary report for the period.

We have on occasion had a second 2 remittance slips but usually this would just be for Apprenticeship incentives etc. I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same situation?


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David Dalby

This is our first month on Apprenticeship as an Employer/Provider, I'm convinced I've got ILR right but we've had no payment for apprentices on our remittance either. We've got a ticket in to ESFA asking why, if it's something I've missed I may be back asking for help. ILR Apps indicative earnings were there and appeared on our DAS expected earnings as well so somewhat mystified why we haven't been paid. Have I missed minimum period on programme before we get paid maybe?

Richard Holmden

Hi David, We actually got the remittance through yesterday evening. The confusion was related to the change in name (now coming from DFE as per their update, but we weren’t expecting 2 different remittance statements with one coming from ESFA). Good luck with your ticket! Rich