Claire Ford

withdraw/restart and OJT


We have a learner who started in Oct20 then went on a BIL in Oct21 and is due to return later this month. He failed all the modules on his first year, and the course structure has subsequently changed, so he's going to effectively start again. So I'm going to process him as a withdrawal and restart because the practical end date is going to extend to two year beyond the original rather than the one year of the BIL. However, what do I do about OJT? The original OJT was calculated using the old rules, but with him showing as a withdrawal and restart, do we now recalculate his OJT, and act as if he's a completely new starter? He's stayed with the same employer all along and the DAS cohort is still in place.




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Martin West

This is not a new start., if it is a BIL you cannot use a withdrawal and restart just to effectively change the planned end date and bypass the rule that say it cannot be changed.

Claire Ford

Thanks Martin. I'll leave it where it was