Break in learning at Gateway


Hi all,

we have an apprentice who has recently gone through Gateway and we are now being advised whether or not they are able to go on a break in learning?

Is this possible?

Would we just change the completion 1 and outcome 8 to a 6 and a 3?

Thanks all


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Ben James

No, they can't go a BIL if there's no learning left and no remaining funding to suspend. They should remain as 1/8 until they return to programme.

Ruth Canham-James

Ben James - I don't disagree, but is that written down anywhere? I've never seen that clarified. Just logically, what duration would you give a restart if they were already past gateway.

Ben James

Ruth Canham-James - sadly not in the funding rules. I guess you could hang your hat on the below though;

You must not record a break in learning unless the employer and apprentice have agreed this, the apprentice is intending to return to learning at a later point, and you have evidence supporting this.

In they're in gateway, there's no learning to return to, so they can't intend to "return to learning at a later point"


Ruth Canham-James

Good point, happy with that as an explanation if anyone tried to challenge me on this, thanks :)