Jessica De Melo

Collecting co-investment before completion


Hi Everyone,

Which reports do you use to determine how much co-investment is left to collect as a learner goes through gateway? We have been issuing co-investment due to a levy payer on a monthly basis based on the Apps Monthly Payments Report (via SLD) but we are now being given a different outstanding figure from ESFA. Wonder if I'm missing something obvious.



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Martin West

Apps Co-Investment Contributions Report as it indicates contributions from previous years.

Ruth Canham-James

This is one of the worst jobs. We use the Apps Monthly Payment report mostly, but we keep our own spreadsheet that tracks things across years. We find that useful for tracking who we've told what and when too. When we first started doing this, we had to look at the Co-Investment Contributions Report as Martin says, as it shows everything from previous years. Now we have that in our own tracker, it's less important. We do still cross check with that one, but we don't now use it as our main way of checking this, as it never showed whether they were levy or non-levy. I think they've changed it this year so it does include that now.

Jessica De Melo

Ruth Canham-James Thanks - we are doing the same now as becoming difficult to track!

On a separate note, we have employer contributions due in previous funding years listed on our Co-Investment Contributions report that do not match the employer contribution collected. When I've checked our records we have received the total due to us but some payments were made in the next funding year by the employer. Do you know if that causes any issues with completion, as I think this is the cause of my initial query?

Ruth Canham-James

Yes, I've had examples of that issue. The co-investment report just wasn't showing payments I know were in the ILR. When I checked though, we hadn't had our completion payments withheld, so where it matters in ESFA's data, they do know we've received the correct co-investment. Why it didn't appear in the co-investment report, I'm unclear about. I diarise things for myself to check completion payment months in advance if I'm concerned. The difficult ones are where they come at year end, and the data goes in between R13 and R14, so you'll never know for sure until it's too late.