Terry Howard

Restart and Non-Levy


Good afternoon all, 

Just a little context, I have a learner that has left their placement a couple of weeks into their EPA. Their ex-employer is non-levy and they have stopped the learners APP on the AS. An outcome from recent communication with the employer has transpired that they are happy to support the learner through the rest of their EPA. 

However, a query has come back from the employer, would the restart of the learner on their AS count toward their 10 starts they have allocated within a year? 

If not then they will happily support the learner, if so then they will not support. 

We would add another cohort for the remaining duration however I have tried to find some info but haven't been able to find a definitive answer, was wondering if any one has had experience of this before and how they resolved it. 




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Martin West

As it’s a restart and the employer does not need to reserve funding, so it does not count as a start.

The employer will have to create a new record on DAS where they have stopped it.