Claire Baranowski

Hire an Apprentice Incentive Payment



I've been contacted by an employer that has said that their second incentive payment has been paused or stopped. On further investigation, that links to the ILR and stopping apprentices. I have checked the ILRs for the learners in question and I can't see any issue, they haven't been stopped, their records have been completed in line with the guidelines and show the learners as achieving. Our MIS support team has also confirmed that the ILRs look to be correct.

Has anyone had this issue? Managed to resolve it? I'm concerned I've missed something and am acutely aware that the R14 close is approaching.

Any advice/help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




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We have had this issue with a few of ours. I tried to raise this with the helpdesk but they required the employer to contact them. I have confirmed with the helpdesk that the ILR is correct and that the learners are 'completed' on the apprenticeship service. They are investigating but no update yet. In the past, where we have raised issues prior to R14 and we have been waiting on the helpdesk, they have resolved with manual payments after the hard close.

Caspar Verney

I would recommend that you copy Chloe's advice so that you have the issue logged with the Helpdesk with a datetime stamp before R14

Claire Baranowski

Thank you both.