Christine Gregory

Resuming Learning from BIL after planned end date



We have a learner who went on a BIL after her planned end date, who is now returning - what new planned end date should be recorded?

Thanks, Christine


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Martin West

Although the funding rules do not answer the question as the break was taken after the original planned end date you can only set a new planned end date considering the time needed for them to complete the outstanding elements of the practical period.

P35.2.1 Where the apprentice takes a break in learning and then returns to the same apprenticeship, the apprenticeship agreement must be revised, to account for the duration of the break. It must be clear that there have been multiple episodes of learning. The overall duration of the apprenticeship and the required volume of off-the-job training can remain the same (as though there had been no break in learning).

P52.1.1 The apprentice and their employer must revise the date in the apprenticeship agreement on which the apprenticeship was expected to have been completed to account for the duration of the break.