David Dalby

Apprentice not eligible - ILR?


Can anyone advise what we do in these circumstances please? We enrolled an apprentice on 1/9/2022, on ILR and DAS, expect to get paid in October. Our delivery team now tell me the apprentice has a qualification which means they aren't eligible for an apprenticeship. I've given them a rocket for not checking, it's what I do about ILR - do I put them as a withdraw - reason "unknown" on October ILR? I assume I can't just exclude them from ILR as they've gone in for September? Anyone know how payments gets reconciled?
Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Martin West

You should remove them from the ILR if they are ineligible for funding. The ESFA will Clawback any funding already paid (see the FM36 summary report and download on the SLD).