Alice Mann

Learner withdraws within the first 6 weeks



Am I right saying that if an apprentice withdraws within the first 6 weeks of starting, we can exclude from the ILR completely and delete the DAS record? Is this fact correct. I am struggling to find this within the guidance so if anyone has a link to this in writing I would be most grateful. 

Thanks, Alice. 


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Martin West


From the Provider Support Manual

What to include on the ILR

You must include on the ILR all learners who have attended one episode of learning.

Aims that are completed or withdrawn during the current ILR year (Completion status = 2 or 3 and Learning actual end date is on or after 1 August 2021 and before 1 August 2022).

If a learner withdraws without completing one episode of learning – for example, without attending the first class – then they must not be included on the ILR.

Your ILR returns must include all aims that meet the criteria below, and any aims for the previous year that have since been corrected.

Any aims reported as continuing in the final return (R14) for the previous year that are not reported in the current year will be treated as withdrawn in the qualification achievement rates (QARs).

Details about migrating data from between years can be found in Appendix B of the ILR specification, including details about changes that may affect learners continuing from the previous year and those learners on a break in learning.

Migration is the process by which ILR data is converted from one academic year to the next.