Henry Wish (ESFA)

Rectifying R108 errors prior to R14


R108 was one of the most common errors occurring in the R13 ILR data submission. For guidance on rectifying R108 errors you can view our help centre article How to correct the R108 data error before the R14 close.


Additional guidance is available at Preparing your final ILR return (R14) for 2021 to 2022



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Hi Henry

Can I request a clarification on the advice (from many years of fixing these!!!)? The start date on the D&P record has to be *at least* the day *after* the learner's latest end date, not the same day as. If I had a penny for every record I'd changed by a day...

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good afternoon Steveh,

 Thank you for pointing this out, we appreciate your feedback. 

We have amended the article: How to correct the R108 data error before the R14 close – ESFA help centre (education.gov.uk)