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We have a learner who was initially signed up for a 12 month apprenticeship, he went on a break in learning 10 months in and our assessor advised us that they recommend an additional 4 months on return from his break, his new practical period end is recorded for December 2022. 

Now, I have been informed this learner has flown through and is likely to be ready for gateway a month early in November. He will have been on programme past the 12 month minimum duration.  Our assessor is going to have a review and update the training plan and apprenticeship agreement with his change..

But do we have to write a summary statement to justify this learner will complete a month earlier than what was initially planned and what is recorded on the ILR? even though he's surpassed the 12 month minimum and will have completed 20% OTJ too.





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Martin West

The funding rules require that a return from a BIL should not be used to extend the duration on the ILR:

P54.1 The apprentice and their employer must revise the date in the apprenticeship agreement on which the apprenticeship was expected to have been completed to account for the duration of the break. The duration of the apprenticeship and the amount of off-the-job training needed to meet the 20% requirement would therefore remain the same as though there had been no break in training (break in learning).

You will need a summary statement only if the actual OTJT hours delivered are insufficient.