Julie James

Potential learner with a degree in same field as apprenticeship


Hi all,

Looking for some advise please.  We have an applicant looking to start an apprenticeship with us and the have a degree in a similar field.  I know that if the degree is unrelated they can be funded but am unsure on a degree in what we would class a similar field.  A full skills scan has been done and they will be able to miss some of the programme but will still be required to complete a lot of it.

Your help would be appreciated please.




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Martin West

If after RPL has been considered and the resulting minimum duration is 12 months or over and the resulting OTJT hours are on or above the minimum, then it would be eligible for funding.


Julie James

Thanks Martin.  That was where I had got to but just wanted to double check as doesn't come up very often for me :)