Dan Hodgetts

Using LET across funding years


Can i just check my understanding of using LET 21/22 for R13 + R14 vs LET 22/23 for R01 onwards.

For R13 + R14 (LET 21/22) all apprentices will be return (live, BILs and withdrawals)

In R01 onwards (LET22/23) i import the ILR into LET 22/23 which will migrate the ILR into the right format automatically, I need to remove/delete the withdrawals from 21/22 and only have live learners (inc BILs) moving forward (until apprentices go on a break/withdraw in 22/23 which will updated in the 22/23 LET accordingly)

Does that make sense and is correct? 


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Martin West

There is an issue when the 22/23 tool migrates your data from 21/22.

The Learner Entry Tool will migrate a learning delivery if the CompStatus = 6.  The Learner Entry Tool does not check for the absence of a restart aim, if there is also a completed restart aim in the previous year the learner may still be migrated.

You will have to set any of these to not be reported in the ILR for 22/23 or delete them.