Laura Howard

R122 rule violation R13 return


Afternoon all,

I have the following for the same learner but my team are saying all information is present - how do I clear these?

FYI achievement date has been recorded as 18/8/22 - does this have an impact on this?

AchDate_12 AimType=1|ProgType=25|FundModel=36|LearnActEndDate=12/07/2022|CompStatus=2|AchDate=| The Achievement date must be returned
DateOfBirth_47 DateOfBirth=02/04/2002|ProgType=25| The actual duration of the programme does not reach the required minimum duration for an apprenticeship standard
R122 CompStatus=2|LearnDelFAMType=ACT|LearnDelFAMDateTo=|AchDate=|LearnActEndDate=12/07/2022| The achievement date is not known, therefore the Date applies to record must be the same as the Learning actual end date.


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Martin West

You would not record as completed in R13 but in R01 22/23.

Laura Howard

How do I stop them pulling through on the ILR?

Martin West

What MI system are you using?

All dates and completions after 31/7/2022 are returned in the 22/23 ILR and not in R13,R14.

Laura Howard

We use Maytas 

Learner has actual learning end date of 12/7 and achievement date of 18/8


Martin West

In that case you would record as completion status 1 in R13/R14 and update it to 2 in R01 with the achievement date.

Laura Howard

Hi Martin

Does that mean change to 1, submit, then change back to 2 after R14?

Martin West

Check with Maytas how you record the different funding returns for R13/R14 and R01/R02 as they are in different funding years.

Ben James

Laura Howard

We use Maytas. You should have a 2021 and a 2022 Leaver ILR. On the 2021 you'll record the status of the apprenticeship and it's aims as they were on 31/07/2022. Then on the 2022 Leaver ILR you'll update the aims (where appropriate) to reflect what the status was from 01/08/2022 onwards.

For instance, if on July 1st the learner completed training, but hadn't done the EPA yet, you'd set the 2021 Leaver ILR to;


  • ZPROG completion status - 1 - Continuing 
  • Learning actual end date - 01/07/2022
  • Outcome - 8 - Continuing 
  • Achievement date - blank

Then, if they completed their EPA and passed in August, you'd update the 2022 Leaver ILR as below, but leave the 2021 Leaver ILR alone;


  • ZPROG completion status - 2 - completed
  • Learning actual end date - 01/07/2022
  • Outcome - 1 - Achieved
  • Achievement date - 10/08/2022

When you export your ILRs, you'll need to choose 2021/R13 and 2021/R14 options to ensure you're exporting the 2021 data, and the 2022/R1 and 2022/R2 to ensure you're exporting the 2022 data. Hope this makes sense. But as Martin says, if you're stuck, you can always raise a query with the Tribal service desk.

Laura Howard

Ben James 

You absolute legend!!!

Thank you so much :)