Andy Mackenzie

App Duration & EPA


Hi Guys, I've tried looking in the Funding Guidance but cant see it now.

Is it still the case that the EPA is no longer part of the Apprenticeship Duration (Start-Planned End)? Pretty sure its still the case as the Practical Period Ends you mark them down as (Status: 1: Continuing   Outcome: 8 - Unknown) to identify the learner has gone to Gateway and the Practical Period has ended.

Someone has made me Second Guess myself :)

Thanks in Advance



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Martin West


P333 The evidence pack must include:

P333.1 A copy of the apprenticeship agreement that meets the criteria set out in paragraph P30, namely that it evidences:

P333.1.1 The apprentice’s details (name, place of work);

P333.1.2 The apprenticeship standard and level being followed;

P333.1.3 The start and end date of the apprenticeship (including end-point assessment);

P333.1.4 The start and end date of the practical period (excluding end-point assessment);

P333.1.5 The duration of the practical period (see paragraphs P35 to P39 re minimum duration); and

P333.1.6 The amount of time the apprentice will spend in off-the-job training.