Claire Baranowski

Break in Learning - Functional Skills



We have a learner who was due to finish in May this year, we have been trying to support him to get his level 2 functional skills. He would like to continue his maths studies outside of the apprenticeship. Are we able to put him on a break in learning (this could be for 6-9 months) to give him the opportunity to achieve the level 2 functional skills and go to gateway? Or is there a way around this?

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Martin West

It would not be possible to use a BIL for them to continue studies as the AEB funding rules would exclude them from funding.

AEB will not fund:

any part of any learner’s learning aim or programme that duplicates provision they have received from any other source

training through ESFA funded AEB, where a learner is undertaking or planning to undertake a n apprenticeship and where that training will:

replicate vocational and other learning aims covered by the apprenticeship standard or framework, including English and maths

offer career-related training that conflicts with the apprenticeship aims

be taking place during the apprentices working hours. Where an apprentice has more than one job, working hours refers to the hours of the job the apprenticeship is linked to


Claire Baranowski

Thanks Martin, this may sound like a silly question but we don't currently receive any AEB funding. The English and maths has been funded through the monthly amount received through the apprenticeship. Would this make a difference? 

Martin West

How is he going to continue his maths studies outside of the apprenticeship?

Claire Baranowski

Hi, It’s probably going to be at a local college. So I’m now thinking he can’t. Just want to be sure. Thanks so much for your help.

Claire Baranowski


Please can I just confirm that the break can't be applied. To confirm he will still be employed with his current employer who have taken him through the apprenticeship. Regarding the maths, he will be completing a funded maths course at a local college.

Thanks for final clarification on this.

Martin West

The Apprenticeship funding rules would prohibit this being funded at a local college, so a BIL is irrelevant.

P62.4 Not benefit from funding from an employer’s apprenticeship service account or government-employer co-investment for any part of their programme where either you, or another party, claim funding from another government department or agency for the same purpose. This includes any funding for that individual from the European Social Fund, the Education and Skills Funding Agency or Jobcentre Plus.

P62.5 Not benefit from funding for any part of their programme that duplicates training or assessment they have received from any other source.


Claire Baranowski

Thanks Martin. He is well over end date so no further funding is being drawn. Was just trying to see if there is anyway we could keep the apprenticeship open, so that if and when he achieves maths her could achieve the standard too.