Dan Hodgetts

TNP2 at Gateway


We have 10 learners now approaching GW where previously we had no EPAO. Now we do i have a TNP2 to add. To date all learners have had the full funding band in TNP1 and no EPAO recorded. How do I now add TNP2, should I reduce TNP1 and add a TNP2 and EPAO ID?


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Martin West

You will need to add new TNP 1 and 2 records after the existing TNP 1 set at the cap and date the new records in the current funding year.

Ruth Canham-James

You never should have been recording your TNP 1 as the band maximum, unless you always planned to charge above max. 22/23 Funding Rules; "P101.2.1 You must not include the direct costs of end-point assessment in the TNP1 field on the ILR". If you don't know the Assessment Price up front, you just don't include it in the price (your training price should allow for anticipated EPA cost within the band). When you finally do know the Assessment Cost, you make the price change in the ILR, which will create a data lock with the price in the DAS, and you have to ask the employer to approve the price change.

Martin is correct about how to action the price change. It's also in the PSM.

Dan Hodgetts

Hi Ruth, thanks for the reply. Why will it create a data lock as, for example the price on DAS is 15000 (funding band max) and currently TNP1 in the ILR is 15000 with no TNP2. I will update as per Martin's message with a new TNP1 of 13500 and TNP2 as 1500.....total 15000... which is the same as DAS currently. Does that make sense?

Dan Hodgetts

Also if this is a mistake and the price is incorrect, could I not just to update the original TNP1/2 record as per PSM: 'Where a price needs to change due to a data entry error, this must be amended on the original record before the R14 hard close deadline.'

Ruth Canham-James

Dan Hodgetts Your specific example won't create a data lock, as you were including your assessment price within the training price record. When you follow the rules and don't include the assessment price in your TNP1, it does cause a data lock when you add the TNP2, as the overall price goes up.

If you find any of your TNP records are wrong, as long as you amend it in the academic year in which it was first returned, that's ok. Once a TNP record has been in an R14 for a closed year, you can no longer just "fix" it, you have to add a new TNP to show the change. There's a good explanation of why that matters in this webinar. It's to do with price episodes and there being a snapshot at each year end.


Dan Hodgetts

Thanks Ruth Canham-James this is really helpful

i think on the basis this is a mistake and all affected learners are in the current funding year the easiest way to change would be to simply reduce the current TNP1 by the EPA price and put this in the TNP2 box - same overall total and the data will be correct moving forward


Thanks so much for your help