David Dalby

FE Workforce Data Collection


Query probably mainly for specialist colleges - the FE workforce collection return, how are you deciding who is in scope - are you including therapists?

Separate question, I can't see the tiles to submit, but I have got the permissions in IDAMS. Is it just me or is no one seeing it despite the window being open?



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Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi David Dalby,

 Organisations should complete a return for staff members that have one or more contracts of employment the provider during the 2021/2022 academic year (1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022).

Staff role job titles or the job position name vary between providers. The job roles listed in the Staff Collection Support Manual are the full set of roles that are available to be used for the collection. Where providers job roles do not match these exactly then the closest available to the actual provider job role should be used.

Data must be collected for all staff that contribute to the delivery of ESFA funded further education or training provision. This includes staff members that spend any of their time working on ESFA funded training regardless of their main job role.

You do not need complete a staff record for an individual for the following types of staff:

  • Agency staff
  • Self-employed or freelance staff
  • Staff working for a provider through an intermediary, such as a personal service company

You do not need to complete a staff record for an individual in a support role that is not directly supporting learning, e.g. catering, maintenance or other such service support roles.

FE Workforce Data Specification Document (publishing.service.gov.uk) - Scope Page.5

Thank you, 


Chris Roberts

Having the same issue as you David Dalby I cant add anymore permissions in my IDAMS account.

The 3rd tile doesn't show in submit learner data so I cant send my xml file. 

Henry Wish can you please advise? I will be just be sending it on a ticket to the support team at this rate.


Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good morning,

 Chris Roberts, I've checked and you are not in scope for either FE workforce/Governor data returns.



Henry Wish (ESFA)

Dear David Dalby,

 I've checked and you are within scope for the FE Workforce Governor Data collection.



Chris Roberts

Hi Henry Wish Can I ask how you have checked? We are a 16-19 ITP. 

The guidance states; 

Providers should complete a return if they receive funding through one or more of the 
following funding models and do not return the Schools Workforce census or the 
HESA staff record.
• 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships)
• Adult skills
• Apprenticeships (from 1 May 2017) including Levy funding
• Community Learning
• European Social Funding (ESF)
• Other Adult
• Other 16-19
This will include:
• FE Colleges
• Sixth Form Colleges
• Local Authorities
• Independent Training Providers
• Employer Providers
• Third Sector and Voluntary organisations.
The following providers are not in scope for the collection:
• Schools and Academies who return the Schools Workforce Census 
• HE institutions who return the HESA staff record 
• Organisations not in receipt of ESFA funding

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi Chris Roberts,

 Please accept my apology! 

I've double checked your account information (UKPRN) and you are within scope for the FE Workforce Data Collection.

Thank you,


Chris Roberts

Thanks Henry Wish we have submitted ours last week. 

Craig Humphreys


How do we submit our data collection once everything has been completed? I can't see a submit button, just a "return to dashboard", or "add another staff member" button. 

Or do we just leave it until the return deadline passes and it submits itself?


Peter (ESFA)

Hi Craig Humphreys yes that is correct, there is no submit button currently for the staff online form. The collection will pick up all your staff members after the close date that are in a completed state.