Ruth Canham-James

T Level Break


We've got a student who is halfway through a T Level (PED Jun 2023), and now wants to take a break and start again next September (they have done a couple of weeks this year). I just have no idea how to go about coding that! Do I just leave the enrolment open until June 2024? What does that do to the funding, bearing in mind we declare hours per whole two year programme? In regular 16-18 funding, I'd just withdraw and restart next year. Possibly we could leave the aims open, record a tiny handful of hours that they did this year, and the full hours next year. It must be possible to restart someone on the second year of a T level, as students could move house and change provider. Is it as simple as withdrawn, and start  again in Sep 23 with a one year duration and half the hours?


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Yeah, think I'd go the withdrawal route. Don't *think* there's any rule validations that would stop you returning a "single year" T Level?

Ruth Canham-James

We will see next September! I'll try asking the Service Desk, but I don't expect term to fully understand the complexities of PHours for T levels.