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Learning Aim Reference


Is the learning aim reference the same as the Standard Code? 

I have searched the Learning aims for the Floorlayer standard and the only code on there is 372? Is this the same code I put for the Learning Aim reference on the ILR?


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No, there are two separate fields.

Learning aim for the Programme Aim (regardless of which Standard it is) is ZPROG001. You will also need a component aim which will either be a specific qualification or a non-reg Z code which you can find on the (far right of the)funding band spreadsheet.

Jeanette Fullagar

Thank you so much.

Jeanette Fullagar

Hello - Just another quick question - Do I list the ZPROG001 as a type 1 learning aim, with the standard code as 372 (for floorlaying), then the Component aim as type 3 with the relevant Zcode and the standard code of 372 (for floorlaying).

Also if the learner is doing a FS maths /English is this also listed as a component aim type 3 with relevant learning aim number?

Thanks in advance



Jeanette Fullagar

Great - thanks for confirming Steve - appreciated.