Emma Jolly

STOP date in app service


Just want to double check something......If I have a learner leaving on the 3rd August. the stop date in TAS should be August. Only if the last date in learning is the last day in the month would I put September?

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Ben James

The stop date in DAS should be the month after the last date in learning or you will miss out monies earned because DAS defaults to the 1st of the month when applying the stop.

Martin West

Why do you think you need to put a stop date in DAS?

Emma Jolly

they left the business and started a new apprenticeship with their new employer. Just has a notification email for them to be stopped. (they didn't complete our apprenticeship scheme) last date in learning was 3rd August

Apprentice: *******

Unique learner number (ULN): ********

End date: October 2022

Required stop date: September 2022

Please note that if the apprentice completed their apprentice, please do not add the stop date but instead amend the planned end date as they have completed earlier than planned. If you add a stop date to the record and the apprentice completed, the training provider will not receive the completion payment.

This apprentice has started an apprenticeship with a new organisation. You need to stop the previous apprenticeship by following the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your apprenticeship service account (manage-apprenticeships.service.gov.uk).
  2. Go to ‘manage apprentices’ in the ‘apprentices’ section of your account.
  3. Find the apprentice and select ‘view’.
  4. Edit their status.
  5. ‘Stop’ the apprenticeship and enter the date the apprentice left your organisation.
  6. If this apprentice has not left your organisation, your training provider should check they have the correct ULN.

Just wanted to put the correct stop date in DAS without impacting the training provider payments. We are a EP ourselves so interested in understanding more

Ben James

If their last date was August 3rd, the stop should be applied as of September. This is so the provider receives funding for those 3 days in August. If the employer applies the stop from August, DAS defaults to the first of the month so the provider will miss out on those 3 days. Providing the ILR has been processed correctly, the employer will not be charged for anything past August 3rd, nor for anything in September.

This may help - https://youtu.be/5qibKfO1sg8?t=2618


Emma Jolly

Ben James really appreciate you advise. Thank you!