Peter Keating

19-23 AEB funding eligibility


Someone help please! This month has been too long and getting really confused with eligibility under two different funding bodies.

Because of where are based we have mainly GLA funded learner but some ESFA funded learners for AEB. 

We are currently doing a cohort of Level 1 employability courses and we have had some learners in the 19-23 age bracket and we are getting confused as to whether they are fundable or not and under what criteria. 

With 24+ they would be fully funded and come under "Learning Aims up to and including level 2 where the learner has not achieved a first full level 2 or above" as they are also unemployed. However with the 19-23 year olds there does not seem to be this option under ESFA or GLA. There is "Learning aims to progress to a full level 2 - up to and including level 1" but it says "must be delivered as entry or level 1 provision from local flexibility" but not sure how we check this local flexibility eligibility and does this differ for ESFA and GLA?

Any help or guidance on this would be much appreciated before I start going mad! TIA


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Kelly Knights

This will only be an issue if their prior attainment is below Level 2.

Re local flexibility - search the learning aim on FALA and click on the catergory tab and if local flexibility is available it will show there.

Peter Keating

Many thanks Kelly. After sleeping on it and reviewing Find a Learning Aim can see what we have on offer are local flexibility quals