Connor Goulding

Block Functional Skills Delivery for Apprentices



We deliver Functional Skills to our apprentices in week blocks. Where an apprentice has attended their scheduled block, taken their assessment and not achieved the qualification, would you leave the record as 'continuing' so that the record is open for the next block, or record this as a completion/fail, and re-enrol with either '99' funding or proportion of funding 0% when they are invited in again? There could potentially be a number of months before they attend again.

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Martin West

It all depends on if your management information system is set up and links to registers for each block. In general terms the ILR should reflect reality in that they should be reported with the outcome they achieve while remembering that this is only funded once and that the preferred method would be to use the proportion of funding remaining for subsequent blocks.

A further consideration is that initial assessment should indicate how many blocks (timescale) a learner may need to complete in which case a single aim would cover this even though the period may include multiple block weeks.


Connor Goulding

Thank you Martin West, we're currently revisiting processes to further integrate our registers and the ILR, so will look to implement that.