Jackie Danks

Transfer of Employer


I have a bit of a dilemma with the guidance on change of employer if the learner transfers within 30 days.

Learner leaves current employer on 15th August – guidance says first employer should stop in September as they are responsible for the month of August


New employer should also start them in September.

 As far as the ILR goes we would complete them on the employment record for the month of August.   This would not then match with the DAS account.  Should we record September as well on the employment record?

Following on from that if a learner withdraws in the middle of the month does the employer record the next month on DAS?

It gets so confusing with all the DLOCK issues




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Jackie Danks

Thanks Martin.  That is the guidance I have been looking at.  They started with the new employer in September.

We followed this guidance with a previous learner but still got a DLOCK_10 error