Laura Howard

Paused/Stopped learners


If I have a learner whose employer has paused payments DAS on 12th Sept but we have it as 8th Aug which one do I change?



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Ben James

This way round is actually fine, because the ILR is what drives funding, so you'll receive funding up to August 8th. If they had paused it before the ILR date, you'd have received slightly less money than you were entitled to up to that point. 

Unlike 'stop' dates, it's not actually possible to choose the date when pausing on DAS; the date is uses is based on the date the pause button is 'clicked'. So if they were to go in today and press 'pause', it would be as of 28/09. 


Quite annoying that this still pops up as a DLOCK when:

a. it's not really an error (ie we've received the correct amount of money for the learner)

b. there's nowt we can do about it

Laura Howard

Hi Ben, problem I have is that they're throwing up errors

DLOCK_12 - pause

DLOCK_10 - stop




Martin West

The dates should match so which is correct?

I would change the ILR to match what the employer has reported.


Ben James

Laura Howard

Pausing in DAS is rubbish, because as I mentioned, employers can't pick a date to pause from - it just takes the date they're processing it on the system, which most of the time is way after the apprentice actually paused training. I would just leave it as it is on the basis that I am assuming you've temporarily withdrawn the learner on the ILR with the correct date, i.e., their last day of evidenced learning, and there's not much else we can do (as Steve mentioned). Once the learner returns, and the DAS is un-paused, everything should reconcile. You could change the ILR to match DAS as Martin advised, and that would fix the DLOCK12, but as the date in DAS is almost certainly not the correct date, unless the employer is both well-informed and incredibly efficient, that wouldn't reflect the 'truth'.

Interesting that you're getting a DLOCK10 and DLOCK12 though; has the employer stopped or paused the learner? 

Laura Howard

Ben James

I have some on DLOCK12 which have been paused - that I can live with, but also some on DLOCK10 where the sates we have don't match with what employer has put on DAS, these are the ones I want to clear

Ben James

The guidance suggests that employers can move the stop dates, though for some reason I have it in my head that this can only be done backwards, not fowards. So if they've set the stop date as 10/08/22, they could move it back to 01/08/22 for example, if this is what you'd recorded on the ILR. This is on the basis that the guidance suggests where they've stopped a record by accident, that they can/should;

If the employer stopped the apprenticeship by accident, they need to start a new apprenticeship record and backdate the stopped record to its start date.

There's no harm in asking the employer if they can move it forwards though. This kind of functionality is referenced in this article on the subject of changing employers, where it says;

To resolve the DLOCK_10 error: 

  • The original employer should move the stop date to match the start date with the new employer (in this case May).