Gina Bowles

Creating .mdb from FIS with merge file


Hi All

I am really struggling to create .mdb files through the FIS for the merge files we have, has anyone else had this issue or is it just me?

Can anyone help or shed any light on what is going wrong....

I need to get the data to put into strata.

Thank you in advance.




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Probably worth creating a ticket with helpdesk

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good afternoon Gina Bowles,

 I hope all's well on your side.

Please submit a ticket via the SLD homepage and I'll pick it up. I would like to request a full screenshot of your FIS, the installation file path and the error log file (located in the 'Logs' folder where your FIS is installed.)

Thank you,


Ben James

Did you get to the bottom of this Gina Bowles? My FIS has randomly decided to take a disliking to exporting the database and if I can avoid having to submit a ticket I would very much like to! Mine gives up the ghost when it gets to the access export and says:

Getting the following via the logs too: 

  • Process ESFA.DC.ILR.Desktop.ExportDatabase.Console.exe returned with exitcode -532462766


Gina Bowles


Not really - we logged a ticket and they worked their magic.

However things that I learned from this meeting were

  • Run only the FIS and nothing else
  • Do not let the computer 'go to sleep'
  • Don't leave the computer stay with it.

All of the above seemed to fix it on the call we had.

Hope this helps