Claire Ford

PDSAT output reports not opening?


Does anyone else haver an issue with the PDSAT output reports not opening? I never had an issue with them before, but all of a sudden they won't open. Our IT teams have said, "There seems to be a clash of Microsoft product and Microsoft OS level protections." Any suggestions? 


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Tracy Clement

There are none this month. Sorry you have not seen all the comments.

Claire Ford

Hi Tracy. No, it's not the fact that there aren't any for R04, it's more a case of not being able to open the output reports from last year's returns. I'm getting an error message saying they're blocked by my administrator, but out IT services can't open them either.



Andrew Dickens



No mine seem to opening fine at the moment.  Are you trying to open saved versions, or re-extracting them from the software?

Claire Ford

Apparently, the macros call for an API which our organisation has recently started blocking access to. Hopefully the new version of the PDSATs reports won't have the same thing!