Sarah Wartnaby

FRM27 clawbacks


Good Afternoon All, 

I hope all is well and you all had a fantastic Christmas/new year. 

In 21/22 hardclosed we had a couple of learners due to a clean up that had to be WD back into 20/21. My question is that now R14 has closed, when do the ESFA normally send notification of potential clawback of funding?

Kind Regards, Sarah




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Chris Bradley

Fell into this trap too and took a while to bottom out. I was then advised that a letter had been posted on the DfE Document Exchange site back in June 2022. I did point out to the ESFA that given everything else we do is via such as the SLD, SfS, Apprenticeship Service, VYED data etc. to have to then keep any eye out for Document Exchange is a bit confusing for us. 

We now have a complete system which holds a single letter!!

Anyone else feel the same as I do?