Henry Wish (ESFA)

ILR Rules - AEB Postcode Files



The ILR validation rules have been corrected - a previous issue with meant that the system was allowing some Programmes to slip through without postcodes recorded. All FM35 aims (including Programmes) should have a Learning start date postcode recorded and this should match the SoF; this should be a postcode within the AEB postcodes list, or ZZ99 9ZZ where the postcode is not known. This is for LSDpostcode 01 and 04.



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Sharon Lillywhite

HI, ive just put my file in and got 61 traineeship learners onour AEB contract all stating invalid postcode, this was not there last month. 

Do you know how to  override this as we have checked and there is a postcode in there, its the same as the delivery postcode from quick glances at it 

Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good evening Sharon Lillywhite,

 The ILR team are aware of a few errors, LSDPostcode_01 and 04 and LearnAimRef_101 and are working on resolutions to them.

I will update this post once we have confirmation from the technical team.

Thank you,