Henry Wish (ESFA)

Payment Change Date



We are changing the payment date for 4 of our funding streams:

·        procured adult education budget including national skills fund

·        procured 19 to 24 traineeships

·        contract funded advanced learner loans bursary

·        16 to 18 traineeships

This change affects your organisation and will take place from April 2023.

The payment date will change from the 14th working day to the 16th working day of the month.

This means your April payment will be in your bank account on 26 April 2023, the 16th working day of the month. A contract variation will be uploaded to Manage your Education and Skills in February 2023 to reflect this change.

Letters will be sent to those affected by the change. If you have any queries relating to this, please contact the enquiry service.


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