Ella Howard

Progress Review windows with term time only delivery


Hi, we only work with schools as a provider so only deliver apprenticeship training during term time. The new progress review rules state that they must be every 12 weeks, but on a term time model that would mean progress reviews regularly falling in school holidays when our apprentices and employers aren't actually at work. In this case, it makes sense for the 12 week interval to be based around school term weeks rather than an actual max. 12 week gap - this means that they generally take place every 15-16 weeks or so, but at least every 12 'teaching' weeks during term time weeks. Does anyone have a view on whether this would be acceptable under the new rules? As we don't have to evidence learning for the 6 week summer holiday I'd think it would be in the same vein but it's not specified in the rules.

Thanks, Ella


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Martin West

The rule means at least every 12 weeks within term time.

Sarah Kelly

We also only work with schools and ensure we complete reviews earlier than 12 weeks, you have to work with the funding rules rather than the school holidays. If a review is due in August then you need to complete it in July.