Raanan Firmin



Is there a separate report I can find following and ILR submission just to give me detail on the Clawbacks?


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Gill Knight

If you go to the FM36 Summary in the Submit Learner Data portal and then select the month you are wanting you should see a download learner level view at the bottom which will let you know which learner the clawback relates to. 

Raanan Firmin

Thanks Gill, I have used this but it doesn't give you the amounts just the learners names and ULNs. When I tried to tie this back to the detailed funding report based on the ULNs for the month the totals didn't match up.  


I'd use the monthly payment report from the period end pack and look for values less than zero in the month total columns?

Raanan Firmin

Thanks. I've tried that. I compared the Apps Monthly payment report to the clawback amount on the FM36 Summary report but the 2 don't match exactly. 

Raanan Firmin

I have had confirmation from the ESFA that there is an issue known that the clawback amount does not always tie back to the clawbacks detailed in the Apps monthly payment report. They are looking into it.

Their response:

The report can mark a learner as having 'clawback' in a number of scenarios. This includes cases where on-programme earnings and payments have been clawed back but then repaid (for a later delivery month) as balancing payments, which means the total payments appear unchanged. We are investigating whether we can add more ‘reason codes’ to describe scenarios like these more clearly.  Typically a clawback will show on this report if there is a negative value on your Apps Monthly Payment Report (AMPR), but it will also indicate clawback if there are negative adjustments for one or more previous months which have been offset by a greater positive value for this month, giving a net positive figure on the AMPR. Examples are when the price of the apprenticeship has been lowered or the planned duration of a learning aim has been corrected. Where a clawback is shown but a positive payment is still shown for that month in the AMPR, this issue is shown for advice only and no action is required, unless you were not expecting changes for the apprentice concerned