Andrew Dickens

TNP2 & Withdrawal Query




I have a bit of an issue, in that we agreed a TNP2 price change (due to change of EPAO) with an employer and updated our ILR accordingly.  Subsequently the learner has left the programme, but their last date of evidenced learning is before the TNP2 price change, which is now causing an error. 


Has anybody come across this before, and what would you suggest?  should we revert to the price that was agreed prior to the change/Withdrawal? 


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Oh, that is a good one!

Yeah, reckon I'd take the new TNP 2 out as it wasn't agreed before the learner left...

Andrew Dickens

Thanks Steveh, 

it is a difficult one because the learner was still there when the new price was agreed, but hadn't done anything since just before!