Carrie Rogers

FRM Reports - quick check...


Hi - Can I just check if anyone else has stopped receiving the Data Quality Report (FRM) which was output everytime an ILR was submitted last year?  I've not had one at all yet this year.
Also - our VYD FRMs states 0 queries for R04 and now also R05.  Wondered if anyone else was getting this before I raise it?

At the very least I know I have a list of Overdue BILs - and deffo feel like I should have some continuance issues (I mean...  its not an ILR if you dont!)  :)


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Melanie Aspinall


We wondered the same and asked the ESFA. The response was:

Thank you for contacting us.
I can verify that the 'Data Quality Report', will no longer be generated in Submit Learner Data, for the academic year 22/23.

The report previously showed FRM reports that did not result in any recovery being considered e.g., a learner on a break for longer than 365 days.

All FRM reports for the 22/23 academic year can now be viewed via the Post 16 monitoring dashboard.

Carrie Rogers

Thanks Melanie Aspinall - are you also not getting any populated reports in the dashboard?
there is no way that we have zero issues!

Melanie Aspinall

Yeah, we have the same - zero issues. We are using our PDSATs to run our checks though to make sure we're capturing everything - like withdrawn continuers, etc and cleansing/annotating the data that way. At least we're ready then if the reports do come out!